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Your privacy is very important to us. Our privacy policy (“Policy”) explains the information that Multimodal Imaging Services Corporation dba HealthLytix (“HealthLytix”) gathers from your use of the Service and our Site, how we use, disclose, and protect it, your choices, and other important information. Before using the Service, you must review and agree to the Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”). Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Policy have the meaning given to them in the Terms of Service. Your use of the Service and the Site, and your provision of information is subject to the laws and regulations of the State of California, United States, where our contracted laboratory is located.

Information HealthLytix Collects.

The specific categories of information we collect include:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”).
    When your healthcare provider connects your Test to their organization’s account, we collect what is generally called “Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII”, which is information that specifically identifies you as an individual. Examples of PII we collect may include your name, date of birth, and other information that, when linked to information that identifies a specific individual, is considered PII.
  • Healthcare provider information.
    Healthcare providers using the Service may provide us with information related to their medical practices, including NPI numbers, fax numbers, and the name, job title, and contact information of other providers involved in an individual's care.
  • Biological sample.
    To use the Service, we require a saliva sample. Please carefully review our Terms of Service for a description of how we handle your sample.
  • Cookies and online tracking information.
    Please refer to the section below entitled “Cookies and third-party services” for more information.

How We Use This Information.

In general, we use the information that we collect to provide the Services you request and to help improve our services and client experiences. Specifically, we may use the information as follows:

Cookies and Third-Party Digital Services.

When you use online services in connection with HealthLytix’s Service and/or Site, the following information may be collected, stored, and used:

How Information is Shared.

This section describes the circumstances under which we may share your information with third parties.

How We Protect Your Information.

We use physical, managerial, and technical safeguards that are designed to improve the integrity and security of your information. All information on our servers is encrypted when it is at rest or in transit. All personal information (genetic or otherwise) is encrypted with AES-256 when it’s stored on our servers and is always transmitted over SSL. Internally, strict guidelines and access controls protect your PII and PHI.

We cannot, however, ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or store in connection with the Service, and you do so at your own risk. We also cannot guarantee that such information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by a breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. You agree that HealthLytix is not liable for the unauthorized release of your PII or PHI, unless such release was the result of gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of HealthLytix.

HealthLytix complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), as amended to maintain the privacy and security of your PHI. If a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your PHI, we will let you know promptly. We will follow the duties and privacy practices described in this Policy and Terms of Service.

Your Choices.

If you receive marketing emails from us, you can unsubscribe from that particular type of marketing email by following the instructions contained within the email. Because we offer different types of marketing emails, if you click “unsubscribe” from one type of email, due to system limitations, you will only be opted-out of that type of commercial email; you will not automatically be unsubscribed from other email communication types. You can opt-out of receiving all types of marketing emails from us by modifying your account settings or sending your request to us by email at Please be aware that if you opt-out of receiving marketing emails from us or otherwise modify the nature or frequency of marketing communications you receive from us, it may take up to ten (10) business days for us to process your request, during which time you might receive marketing communications from us that you have already opted-out from. Finally, while you can opt-out of receiving marketing emails from us, you will continue to receive administrative communications from us regarding the Service.

You may, of course, decline to share certain information with us, in which case we might not be able to provide you with some or all of the features and functionality of the Service and our Site. If you want to access or amend information we hold about you, you may do so through your account settings or contact us at At any time, you may also request that we deactivate your account by contacting us at If you choose to deactivate your account, you will be unsubscribed from all marketing emails and we will not provide you with any of the Services going forward (including, without limitation, any updates or changes to your Results). Please note that any changes you make will be reflected in active user databases within a reasonable period of time. Although we can remove personal information from our active databases, some or all personal information from deactivated accounts will remain in our inactive database for compliance with legal, regulatory, and other requirements. Please also note that information that has already been de-identified, anonymized, aggregated, and/or shared with third parties as set forth in this Policy prior to a removal request may not be retrievable or traced back for destruction, deletion, or amendment.

Other Important Information.

Children’s privacy
Please do not use or access any part of the Site or the Service if you are under eighteen (18) years of age.

International users
The Service and Site are hosted in the United States (US). If you choose to use the Service and/or Site from other regions of the world, then by your use of the Service and/or Site you acknowledge and agree that: (i) you are transferring your personal information outside of those regions to the US for genetic analysis, storage, and processing as required for us to perform our contractual obligations to you; and (ii) the laws and regulations of the US shall govern your use of the Service and provision of your information, and may differ from those of your country of residence. Also, we may transfer your data from the US to other countries or regions in connection with storage and processing of data, fulfilling your requests, and operating the Service as required for us to perform our contractual obligations to you. By providing any information, including personal information, on or to the Service and/or the Site, you consent to such use, transfer, storage, and processing. While there is no statutory or contractual requirement for you to provide this information, some information is necessary for us to be able to provide the requested services. Failure to provide such information will make it impossible for you to use the Service. We will retain your personal information only for as long as is necessary to carry out the function for which the information is being used and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. You further agree that by providing your sample, you are not violating any export ban or other legal restriction in the country of your residence. Clients who live outside of the US in certain jurisdictions may have the option of requesting that their personal information be accessed, updated, and/or removed at any time from our active databases, subject to the applicable laws and regulations of such jurisdictions. Such clients may also have the right to object to our processing of their personal information and/or request that we provide their personal information to another third party. We may require that such requests be provided in writing, subject to applicable laws and regulations with respect to the transfer of medical information. If you would like to access, update, object to processing, request provision to a third party, and/or request removal from our active database of your personal information, please contact us at Any such requests will be honored within one (1) month. If you believe HealthLytix’s processing of your personal information is inappropriate, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. With respect to requests to remove or halt the processing of personal information, such requests received prior to initiation of the Service will result in a cancellation of the Service, and no Results will be provided to you or your healthcare provider. Please also refer to the section above entitled “Your Choices” to understand how requests to remove personal information are handled. If you’re a resident of the EU, we will only send you marketing communications if you’ve opted-in. If you are an EU resident and you didn’t opt-in but you’re receiving marketing communications anyway, please contact us at so we can promptly correct your preferences in our systems.

Changes and updates to this policy
Please revisit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to this Policy, which we may update from time to time without notice to you. If we modify the Policy, we’ll make it available through the Site and indicate the date of the latest revision. Your continued use of the Site and/or Service after the revised Policy becomes effective indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to the current version of the Policy.

Our contact information
Please contact us with any questions or comments about this Policy, your personal information, or our use and disclosure practices at

Version date: January 25, 2019

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