A Better Genetic Risk Score

Exclusive to HealthLytix, the polygenic hazard score (PHS) predicts your likelihood of developing disease as a function of age. PHS answers not only the question of if you are at risk based on your genetics, but when you are at risk, to further help guide screening decisions. You can now access your Alzheimer’s PHS analysis through Dash Genomics.

An Integrated Approach

HealthLytix understands that risk for disease extends beyond genetics. We will soon integrate genetics with quantitative brain imaging, cognitive testing, and other medical information to provide an updated, more precise risk assessments for Alzheimer’s and other diseases. For information on our future precision health offerings, Stay Updated.

Actionable  Insights

HealthLytix is confident that precision health will expedite prevention and treatment of  Alzheimer’s  disease  by  enriching  clinical  trials  and  customizing  therapies.  One  of  our  future  goals  as  a  company  is  to  facilitate  access  to  the  best  of  these  resources  for  our  users.  Currently,  growing  evidence  suggests  that  some  risk  can  be  mitigated  by  certain  lifestyle  changes  that  can  be  engaged  in  immediately.

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